Monday, 16 April 2012

Statement from 2012 Melbourne Festival of Sex Work Organiser's Collective

We are a group of sex workers in Melbourne who have decided to put together a festival celebrating sex workers, sex work, and sex work culture. We are 100% comprised of sex workers past and present, and we hold a diverse range of ideas and experiences. We carry out our activities using a consensus model of decision-making.

Our peers may be aware that we have previously put out a call-out for contributions for our festival, and we acknowledge that we may have been a bit hasty in doing so. Problems with venue hire has meant that we have been unclear which of our events would be restricted to peer only, and which events would be more public. We apologise for our lack of clarity with you and will make sure that we will contact everyone who has offered contributions to make sure they are fully aware of the peer or non-peer status of each event.

We are not seeking to recreate a Scarlet conference, or a sex worker university – this is a completely unique event that reflects the passions and enthusiasms of those involved. As such we ask for your support and patience. If you give us space to grow, we will continue to build positively on our endeavours and learn from our mistakes.

We are really excited about the festival, and we hope you share that excitement! We will release further information as soon as we can. We welcome your critique and suggestions, and can be contacted at:

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the festival!

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