Monday, 16 April 2012

Sex Workers’ Digital Story Telling Screening

Aren't you over the myths and stereotypes about sex workers?

Sex workers certainly are. Overwhelmingly, dramatic performances, research articles and media portrayals make the most of the misery and desperation experienced by some people who do sex work. It’s unsurprisingly rare that these stories are told by actual sex workers. Instead, audiences are fed faceless images, caricatures that perpetuate stereotypes and stigma against sex workers and stymie the progress of our human rights.

But we would like to change that...

If you would like to see real stories told by real sex workers we’d like to invite you to this special event:

Sex Workers’ Digital Story Telling: A screening of short films made by sex workers followed by a panel discussion with the people who made them. Featuring digital stories produced with the assistance of ZERO-ONE-ZERO: Digital Storytelling Collective.

This event is open to the public. 

The Screening will happen on  Monday, the 28th of May, 8pm at 
5 Pitt St, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC.

$10 Donation 

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