Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Sat, August 8th, 11am to 5pm

11am Sex Work & Publishing
12.05pm BDSM Skill Share
2pm BDSM Skill Share (cont) 
3.10pm Anal Play Workshop
4.15pm Dating Dramas


Please RSVP via - vixencollectivemelbourne@gmail.com



Sex Work and Publishing
Academia, blogs, newsprint, research & beyond.  We have a presence, always pushing back against whorephobia. Come and debrief, let it out, we are the experts, hear us roar!

BDSM Skill Share
Part 1 - What is B&D, S&M, Fetish and Kink.  What is the difference between being a dominant, submissive, slave, kinky play partner and what is required in each of these scenes.  What are client expectations and how to manage yourself and safety when dealing with each of these situations.
Part 2 - Sex worker BDSM Action Kit including: what equipment to have in it based on what your clients are asking for, environment you work in (in a brothel or escorting), confidence, experience and money.

Anal Play Workshop
A skill share on anal play, discussing prostrate massage techniques, a detailed discussion of the different types of orgasms that can achieved through butt play and how to achieve them. How to achieve painless penetration, stressing both the importance of foreplay in this area and of sensitization as well as what to do once you get inside. Also discusses pegging, the use of toys, fisting and some of the dom/sub play that can be incorporated into anal play.

Dating Dramas
A group for people to get together and share our experiences of the difficulties of dating while being a worker, and sharing tips for how to talk to partners about your work/how and where to draw boundaries etc.


Please RSVP via - vixencollectivemelbourne@gmail.com

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